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We offer complete Artist Development services for singers designed make you more attractive to Industry professionals and fans.

The Artist Development Program starts with an evaluation of your vocal performance, stage presence, brand, and goals. Then we lead you to take all your talents and supplement them with tools, techniques, and a network of people to accomplish unprecedented achievements for your singing career.


Our vocal training programs are individually tailored to build your technique and stylistic identity as well as confidence in your abilities. Take the skills you develop in private lessons directly to the stage, learning not just how to sing, but how to communicate effectively with a live audience whether you’re interpreting contemporary styles or showcasing your original material.


Learn how to be your best self on stage and how to create the perfect show!

Work on your performance techniques focusing on stage angles, stage placement, use of props, use of stage lighting, showing relationships on stage, authority on stage, showing the music, creating memorable moments, and making everything look spontaneous.

Develop your show script through working on song lists, beginning and endings of songs, song dynamics and structure, solos, when and where to speak, and to love and engage your audience.


Your brand is the public’s perception of your value created by the story you present to them.

Work with Jonny and his team to create a strong, cohesive brand message across your music, videos, website, lives shows, social media sites, promotional materials, and merchandise.


Introducing new products on a consistent basis is important to the future success of your career. Whether you need a new single, a line of clothing promoting your brand, or a themed event Jonny is able to help you bring your music, merchandise, and services to market.


Jonny has a lifetime of experience as a singer in pop, country, theater, jazz, indie, and choral genres. Working with him connects you with network of exceptional professionals who can help you gain further success.

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