Performance Coaching

We offer solo and group sessions. Meet with us for an hour or book us for the day. Performance Consulting provides high quality stage instruction for acts looking to better their stage performances. Many times in the Music Entertainment Industry, a singer only gets one chance to make the impression needed to win over an audience, entertainment company representative, or judges who determine who could ultimately win an important contest. Our experience and training enable us to provide incomparable sessions where vocal artists can learn how to be their best selves on stage and how to create winning performances.


Attract A&R reps from major labels, increase music sales, and grow your fan base. You will create this and more while working with Whether you sing solo, in a band or group, singing Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Musical Theater, or Jazz–whether you’re a beginner, newly signed to a label, or have been performing professionally for years—ILoveToSing Performance Consulting is for you.


Participants can expect to work on:

  • Song choice, vocal genre, and style
  • Maximizing vocal strengths and overcoming vocal weaknesses
  • Beginnings and endings of songs and phrases
  • Vocal dynamics
  • Stage angles, blocking, levels, and basic choreography
  • Authority on stage
  • Portraying the music and message
  • Connecting with, loving, and enrolling your audience
  • Creating special moments
  • Making a plan look spontaneous
  • Microphone techniques
  • Clothing and image
  • General stage presence during stage entrance, exit, and feedback or interviews