All our brilliant and wonderful choir members, THANK YOU!! We are so thrilled you all are coming to this incredible historic event! We are only days away. Here are things we know so far that are important for you. We will add updates here, post to Facebook, and send reminders via email before the big day.

Team leads for One Voice, UVU Alumni, GMCLA, Just PPL, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir please send this page on to the rest of your group. Thank you!



People You Should Know
Bryan Bekkemellom
LOVE LOUD Choir Conductor

Barb Young
LOVE LOUD Event Producer
Assistant: Ashlee 650-520-9816

Jonathan Gail Roberts
LOVE LOUD Associate Event Producer


Visual and Audio Image Release
A documentary crew has been following Dan Reynolds since he first had the idea for Love Loud. They can’t put the entire concert in the documentary so you may or may not make the cut, but it is exciting. Additionally, there is talk of creating Video On Demand of the festival so that more money can be raised for the charities involved.

Please print, sign, and bring with you on Saturday.



We are performing portions of two songs (memorized) during the festival. Be prepared to rehearse and make changes to these arrangements when we are in the Green Room.

“I’ll Walk with You”
Performing with Tyler Glenn and Dan Reynolds
Sheet Music: “I’ll Walk with You” (pdf)
Audio Track Demo: “I’ll Walk with You” (mp3) (Choir sings at 2:58)
Choir: sings 1 verse

“It’s Time”
Performing with Imagine Dragons
Sheet Music: “It’s Time” (pdf)
Demo: See Video Below
Choir: sings beginning at BRIDGE (background “Ooohs”) then sings lyrics for CHORUS a cappella and repeats CHORUS to end.



Rehearsal (Optional)
Thursday August 24, 2017
7:30 pm
All Saints Episcopal Church
1710 Foothill Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84108


Performance Clothing

  • Black t-shirt
    (LOVE LOUD Tee shirts will be given in available sizes.
    Please bring a black tee shirt in case they do not have your size.)
  • Black slacks or jeans
  • Black solid, comfortable shoes
    (there might be stairs and we are walking 100 yards from the holding building to the stage)
  • Minimal jewelry

Join the Facebook Event Page
Love Loud Fest Choir” for updates!



Brent Brown Ballpark
800 W University Pkwy
Orem, UT 84058


There is only one entry/exit and parking is very limited. We are not guaranteed a designated parking area for performers due to many lots being used for band and stage equipment. Allow plenty of time for delays due to traffic.

Please consider carpooling or riding UTA Front Runner. Click here for schedules and routes.


Map of Venue, Holding Area, and General Parking



Backstage Holding Area
Located in UCCU Center


Pick up your credentials in UCCU Center, Room EC 012.
Your credentials allow you to access:

  • Choir Green Room: Pres. Suite North (light pink)
  • Catering: Food (turquoise)
  • MGM VVIP Lounge: Snacks and beverages, couches, TV (white)
  • Stage
  • General Admission areas of concert


Look for:


Green Room
The Green Room is located in the Presidential Suite South (brown) on the UCCU Center 3rd Floor. You are also welcome in other areas of the UCCU Center including the MGM VVIP Lounge, Catering, and the Presidential Suite North (for rehearsal).


Changing Areas
Clothing changing areas (pipe and drape) are located in the Presidential Suite South. Mark all items with your name or identifying information. We will have security backstage, however all personal belongings are your responsibility to maintain. Please do not bring valuable items you do not want lost or stolen. Please be considerate of others.


Personal Belongings
Please bring all your belongings in a single bag so it is easier for you to keep everything in order and take with you when the event is over. Do not bring valuable items. Mark all items with your name or identifying information (i.e. phone number). If you forget something, you most likely find it through UVU Lost and Found.


Love Loud Fest will provide dinner, snacks, and beverages the day of the event. There will also be gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

If choir members are needed earlier, lunch will be provided too. Help yourself and keep your energy up. Please clean up after yourself and place waste in provided trash bins if bringing food back to the Choir Green Room.

If you prefer, you can bring food, snacks, or beverages with you.


  • Catering: Food and beverages (turquoise)
  • MGM VVIP Lounge: Snacks and beverages, couches, TV (white)


Health and Safety
What to do for emergencies while at the festival: For life-threatening events, call 9-1-1.



The Stage is located in the Brent Brown Ballpark. To access the Stage we will walk 100 yards from the UCCU Center to the Stage. For those with mobility challenges, we have a pickup location to transport you to and from the Stage.


Call Time
1:00 PM  2:30 PM – DUE TO CHANGE
Entrance may be difficult due to traffic. Give yourself 2 hours to get in the venue just in case anything would deter your arrival. Please contact Ashlee at 650-520-9816 if you get delayed!


Sound Check
2 PM
Please be ready when called by Production.

There is a baseball game Friday night. Crew cannot begin building the stage until Saturday at 7:30 am. Bands have first priority for sound check, followed by the choir.


Show Start Times
3:00 PM     Doors Open – VIP
4:00 PM     VIP Ticket holder private SHOW
4:30 PM     Doors Open – General Admission
5:21 PM     General Festival


Performance Call Time
Be Backstage 30 minutes before your performance. The Backstage area is only 20×20 feet so the Choir will cue just outside Backstage.

“I’ll Walk with You” 6:42 PM 7:12 PM
“It’s Time” 9:53 PM 10:23 PM




Watching the Show
Your credentials will allow you access to watch from the GENERAL ADMISSION AREAS (not VIP) in the audience and return to the holding areas before or after your appearance.

Please do not miss your Call Times!


Complimentary Tickets
We now have one additional General Admission ticket for each of you (your credential+1 ticket). Pick up your extra ticket when you check in at the Artists’ Entrance.

If you don’t need it, please consider returning it so another family can use it. There are festival participants who have more than one child and we can pool unused tickets for them. If you choose to share your extra ticket, please email Ashlee at

If you would like to get on the waiting list for additional tickets, please email We can’t guarantee your request will be fulfilled.


After Your Appearance
Stay and enjoy the rest of the show from the audience or the VVIP Lounge!