Besides taking the microphone to sing, Jonny lends it to many others so their unique voices can be heard and celebrated. Jonny G is an insatiable singer, blogger, entrepreneur, public speaker, world traveler, and underground culture aficionado.

Long before The Voice or American Idol became sensations, he was a diaper-clad 2 year-old with curly blonde hair who would stand inside an cardboard popcorn popper box, “plug in” a microphone to the floor, and “set up stage” for performances. This toddler routinely wandered about his family’s Arizona home singing out whatever came through my heart and voice. This was the beginning of a life-long passion for singing and the seeds that would eventually grow to become

As a child, Jonny began recording for local Phoenix, Arizona studios and sang with school and church choirs. In his teenage years he shined in school and community choirs, with show choir groups, and in jazz and rock bands. He also ranked 1st Chair Tenor in All-State Concert and Jazz Choirs, portrayed lead roles in many musical theater productions, and became a sought after studio artist. As an adult he has enjoyed singing with varied international stars Wynonna Judd, Marie Osmond, the NY Met Opera’s Ariel Bybee, Broadway’s Christeena Riggs, American Idol’s Brooke White, and Yanni Voices’ Nathan Pacheco, among others.

Jonny leads artists in various career stages through services in vocal coaching, branding, music business, live performance coaching, showcases, and merchandising.

In addition to singing, Jonathan is an accomplished composer, arranger, pianist, and music producer. His creativity is not limited to music; He is also an avid gardener and chef. He has worked as a choreographer and as a graphic artist. He also worked for NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young to create marketing materials and events for dozens of children’s charities. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marriage, Family & Human Development with minors in Media Music and Broadcast Journalism.

The people who are getting to know Jonny best can assure that the multi-talented creator of will prove anything but pedestrian. In similar fashion to Anthony Bourdain and Mike Rowe, who have built brands by traveling and getting their hands into the work of those who share their passions, Jonny is setting out to explore every corner of the singing world to encounter the awesome, courageous, and downright outrageous personalities and places that help define the musical cultural landscape. Whether it’s pulling all-nighters in a dark studio as an emerging star works to capture a new signature sound, flying over a roaring crowd in Los Angeles on a zip-line, busking for change in Nashville, or grappling the guttural techniques of throat-singing, Jonny grasps the hand of adventure when it comes calling.

In the world of a singer, an understanding and appreciation of how and why others pursue the art of song is akin to discovering secret societies and cryptic subcultures. And, as audiences around the world are beginning to experience, singing is a powerful mode to understanding a wider view of how people live in unfamiliar places.

Join Jonny G as he navigates his journey to discover singers who provide life’s truths and surprises.